Our international solidarity work

We are not building schools. We are not handing out food. We are not building daycare centres. We are empowering people!

NFU has been working internationally since 1981. We believe that it is the government which has the ultimate responsibility to provide the services required to ensure that every individual has equal opportunity for participation. NFU’s development cooperation reflects these aims. We provide support to democratic, membership-based parents’ organisations or networks that advocate for the full participation and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. NFU supports capacity building and organisational development, but does not support service provision or service-oriented programmes.

At the moment we have partnership with a regional project in Africa through Inclusion International; Inclusion Africa. 

The vision for our international solidarity work is to give persons with intellectual disabilities a better life by creating a society for all. The key words for our work are solidarity, equality and the right to be included. You can download NFU Strategy for International Solidarity Work here.

We are a member organisation of the Atlas Alliance.

In our international work we focus on organisational development of other Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs), building networks of DPOs, self-advocacy and inclusive education.
The aim of our partner organisations is to mobilise parents, families, individuals and the local community for the benefit of persons with intellectual disabilities. They lobby the government and decision makers at all levels of society with the aim of creating an inclusive society, and they act as watchdogs towards governments.

Our main sources of funding are NORAD. Our annual budget is approximately 2 millions NOK.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Helene T. Strøm-Rasmussen, development adviser, htsr@nfunorge.org